Bring your projects to life.

Journal is a productivity tool designed to keep your projects moving forward and your head clear.

Space to organize all your ideas.

Make a Space
for every project.

Spaces make it easy to organize, share, and collaborate on any topic or project.

Keep the inspiration flowing.

When you see something you want to remember, instantly save it to Journal and organize it later.

Anytime you feel a thought bouncing around your head, write it down.

Leave no idea behind.

When your notes and links and files and emails are all over the place, there’s no need to worry.


Use your Inbox to quickly organize relevant content into your Spaces.


Get back to everything you save in Journal. with a quick search.


Connect apps like Gmail, Drive, and Slack, to find and add content from all your apps.

Take a break when you need it.

When you feel like time is flying by, take a moment to slow down. Reclaim mental space by pressing “Pause” once in a while.

Share your Spaces for the world to see.

Spaces can be private, shared with select people, or made public for everyone. When you create something useful, share it with others!

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Move your projects forward from anywhere.

Designed to help people do awesome things.