Meet your new Journal

Whether you're researching competition, planning a trip, or just want to remember something later - Journal keeps your ideas organized.

The Problem

For years, we stretched ourselves thin trying to manage silos of information.

The Solution

Save links, take notes, and organize files and messages from all your apps in one place.

Save things from all your apps in one place.

Gather articles, conversations, and documents to stay up to speed. Learn about new topics, easily present your ideas, and avoid unnecessary meetings.

  • See visual lists of your links, emails, and files
  • Add anything to activity spaces
  • Find everything in one place

Take quick notes to capture your thoughts.

Take notes alongside your saved emails, files, and links to add context.

Remember all your best ideas.

Read articles you saved, see useful messages, and review key documents to keep everything running smoothly.

  • Move things around and create sections
  • Search to pull in work from all your apps
  • Check off documents and emails like to-do items (coming soon)

Put your ideas to work.











Prepare for meetings.

Take notes, keep important documents on hand, and save relevant emails so you can walk into meetings prepared — or avoid them altogether.

Integrate your favorite tools.

Connect Journal to the apps where your information lives: Slack, Gmail, Evernote, Pocket and more.

Capture ideas wherever they hit you.

Web and Desktop (Mac)

Chrome Extension (Web Clipper)


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Security & Privacy

Protecting your data and privacy is extremely important to us.

Industry Standard Encryption

To keep your data safe, we encrypt all of it in transit and at rest.

Searchable, for your eyes only

You are the only person who will see the contents of the apps you connect to Journal.

If you'd like to learn more about our security policies please check out our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service or contact us at