What will you make space for?

It's Your Journal.

All great ideas come from somewhere.

Journal is a place to visually organize content from every app and website, helping you clear your head and focus on the things that matter.

Make space to think, create, and share.

Save anything,
from anywhere.

Add content from any app or website. Inspiration, to-dos, ones for the collection. They all belong in the same place.

Write it all down.

Unload every thought, note to self, reminder, 3AM flash of genius, the moment it crosses your mind.

Share ideas
big and small.

Bring in your team, a friend, or anyone. When the time is right, showcase your spaces for the world to see.

Janet Reyes


Marcus LaSota


Sarah Baker

Dog Sitter

Your best ideas are always on hand.

Find it when you need it.

And quickly. With Journal, you can search across all your apps at once.

Leave no idea behind.

Save things and Journal will remind you about them later. Nothing gets lost to the digital abyss.

Find space wherever inspiration strikes.

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Create space for your ideas to run wild.












What will you make space for?